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5 Essential Figma plugins for product design

A short list of the plugins our design team love and use the most.

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5 Reasons why leveraging an external agency makes sense even if you have your own internal design and development team

A look at why an external agency can help add an advantage to your design-led engineering team.

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5 ways you can increase user understanding and engagement

A look at the methods we utilise when introducing users to new products.

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our latest work

Is the recruitment industry embracing digital transformation?

The importance of meeting and exceeding user expectations in the online recruitment industry.

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project planning

5 ways to successfully deliver projects

Spinning Fox’s tried and tested methods for ensuring your project delivery is setup to succeed

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Stop leaving money on the table, 4 ways to increase engagement and conversion with UX

How do we provide customers with value whilst ensuring websites are optimised for conversion?

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How to make boring apps not boring

A look at how we add moments of delight within product design.

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Adapting to financial change: 3 steps to driving profitability with limited resources

Understand which of your digital products you should prioritise for profitability and cost reduction

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