Generate improved results from your HR Tech product.

Our program will help you gain a deep understanding of your customer and boost revenue through improved engagement, satisfaction and conversion.

  • Understand your customer needs
  • Improve your product user experience
  • Scale your business without scaling the team
  • Grow your revenue
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you need to improve your HR Tech product.
But how do you know if it will deliver ROI?

Every business executive we speak to in the HR sector wants to improve their digital product. 
But they are unsure if it will deliver results for the business.

Organisations that fail to understand their customer generate 32% less revenue and experience 2x slower growth than the industry benchmark growth rate.

And it’s a shame because user research is the most effective way to improve your business performance via:

  • product improvements that meets the needs of the customer
  • clarity on how to differentiate from competitors
  • the ability to quickly test hypotheses

Most businesses end up missing out on those opportunities, meaning lost revenue, less customer loyalty and poor conversion.

The Solution

Our 3-step process will help 
you understand your customer needs and 
improve your product or platform.
Fortunately, there are businesses that are experiencing 100x ROI when they invest in their product UX*. They follow a specific approach that helps them see results in less than 90 days.

Step 1. Research


Product opportunity insights

Identify opportunities for new features and minimising churn.

Usability testing

Validate concepts, test and improve user experiences.


Buyer insights

Understand buyer motivations for marketing, sales and product direction.

Step 2. Execution

Concept definition

Define and verify high-level design solution that can best support key user journeys and future product growth.

Interaction design

Define and verify high-fidelity design for the entire experience and every edge case.

Visual design

Create beautiful visual system that is on-brand and supports the usability of the product.

Step 3. Results

Proof of concept

Create a prototype of the solution that will bring it to life.


Test with users to validate that it meets user needs.

Strategy and roadmapping

Prioritise and decide what to build next based on user needs and business goals.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will see results from the work we do within 90 days of the updates going live. If you don’t, we will refund you 10% of the project cost (yes, we’re that confident).

Understand your HR Tech user at speed

Make use of our 3 step process that quickly gets you insights that will help inform your product development roadmap.

You don’t have to waste months (and thousands of $$$) to gain insights that don’t grow your business. Our insights are focussed on improving your customer retention, conversion satisfaction and overall business revenue.

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Validate your market fit

We take care of all testing and validation for you. Our process aims to test product features at speed.

This saves you from wasting time and money developing product features that don’t benefit your customer and instead focussing all efforts on those that will make the biggest impact to your business and them.

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Grow your business

We are results-focused, we know that what we do has to drive business results whether that be customer acquisition, user retention or investment.

You can stay safe in the knowledge that you will see ROI from the work being done.

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Case studies

Take a look at some of our case studies that demonstrate the results 
we have delivered when partnering with our clients.

Next-gen recruitment platform

Delivering a 28% increase in the suitable applicants via a custom recruitment and internal employee assessment platform.






Read how we did it

Rethinking the student experience

The custom built online learning platform that delivered $4M+ of revenue in Y1

$4M +

of revenue in Y1

128 hrs

Saved per week for customer services team

Read how we did it

What our clients say

James Lyn, CTO at SANS Institute, on working with spinning fox

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That obsession with impact and our customer is what made this really special and why we’ll continue to work with them as a default in our product endeavours.
James Lyne
CTO at SANS Institute


Average customer review rating*

92 %

Client retention 1+ Year*


Average client referral rating*

* Data sourced from clutch


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