Spinning Fox Announces Strategic Partnership with Learnosity to Elevate EdTech Solutions

A new strategic partnership with Learnosity, a leading white-label API assessment solution provider.

Oct 2, 2023



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Spinning Fox, a leader in user experience and design solutions for the education sector, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Learnosity, a leading white-label API assessment solution provider for EdTech companies.


Spinning Fox has built a stellar reputation for its commitment to transforming education through innovative design and immersive user experiences. By joining forces with Learnosity, a company known for powering the world's leading learning platforms with its gold-standard assessment engine, Spinning Fox is poised to take its offerings to new heights.


Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  1. Synergising Expertise: This partnership brings together Spinning Fox's unparalleled expertise in user experience and design with Learnosity's extensive experience in providing robust, white-label assessment solutions. The combined knowledge and capabilities will lead to the creation of more comprehensive, user-centric educational products.
  2. Seamless Integration: Spinning Fox and Learnosity will collaborate closely to ensure that their solutions seamlessly integrate with each other. This will provide EdTech companies with a powerful, all-encompassing toolkit to enhance their educational offerings.
  3. Enhanced Personalisation: The partnership aims to enhance personalisation in EdTech by leveraging Spinning Fox's UX design prowess to create more intuitive, custom and engaging user interfaces that use Learnosity's assessment tools.


James Marshall, Managing Director of Spinning Fox, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, saying,

"We are thrilled to partner with Learnosity, a company that shares our commitment to redefining education through innovative technology. Together, we are determined to create solutions that empower EdTech companies to deliver even more impactful and engaging learning experiences."


Jason Lacy, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Learnosity, added,

"Spinning Fox's expertise in design and user experience is a perfect complement for those organizations implementing Learnosity’s assessment engine. Incorporating Spinning Fox into Learnosity's partner ecosystem advances our commitment to elevate the benchmarks for education technology and empower learners worldwide to reach their full potential."


The collaboration between Spinning Fox and Learnosity represents a significant step forward in the evolution of EdTech solutions, promising a brighter future for educators and learners alike.


About Spinning Fox:

Spinning Fox is a leading user experience and design agency specialising in education and learning experiences. With a passion for innovation, Spinning Fox works closely with educational institutions and EdTech companies to create exceptional, user-centric educational products. For more information, please visit www.spinningfox.com.


About Learnosity:

Learnosity is the global leader in assessment solutions. Serving over 700 customers and more than 40 million learners, our mission is to advance education and learning worldwide with best-in-class technology. Our modern assessment APIs allow you to maximize your learning platform’s impact to transform the learner experience, drive business growth, and power industry-moving innovations. For more information, please visit www.learnosity.com.

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