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Make informed decisions when it comes to hiring or promoting a candidate, based on rich skill and aptitude insights.

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The challenge

In today’s ultra-competitive market, tech companies share a common problem, finding the right individuals to keep up with demand. Whether it’s internal or external recruiting, quantifying candidates is a challenging task for any company. There are competitive assessment platforms out there that help validate skill level, but none that combine that against aptitude.

The value

The ability to accurately collect and represent aptitude and skill set levels in a single platform enables companies to better understand the potential of individuals. It provides the necessary insights to show current company competency while identifying individuals that have the ability to thrive if given the opportunity. It enables recruiters to look at things from a more data-driven perspective while having a much higher confidence rate that they are the right fit for the position.


Potential, a data-rich platform, doesn’t just take skill into consideration. It’s a tool that enables companies and recruiters to accurately make informed decisions when it comes to hiring or promoting a candidate.

We are working with Spinning Fox as part of two incubator products we’re bringing to market. We are working with their team (both design and dev) to expedite our product ideas as we scale our own operations. They have provided impressive design leadership and delivery, plus technical expertise to develop a ground up MVP build and new feature sets. Communication has always been solid, our teams have collaborated openly and established good relationships.

Luke Zaki
General Manager - Magnetic Rock


Research & discovery

Being a completely new platform, this required the team at Spinning Fox to design, define and develop a solution from scratch. We used our design-led approach to understand the industry and its competitors. We knew that the key to success lay in two areas. One, the quality of the skill and aptitude questions, and two, the reporting that would be used by businesses to determine skill levels and make informed decisions. Our research identified that hiring or promoting based on skill set alone was not the favourable outcome and can hinder the overall potential of a company.

Understanding the industry

We reviewed competitors in the market and benchmarked the student experience against a number of different factors such as usability, UI design, marketing tone and key features.


  • Business to consumer focus

  • Sc explaining assessment format (what topics will be covered, timing, get 2 chances)

  • Variety of questions (multiple choice, code, question based)


  • No business to business focus

  • Difficult to find the Cyber IQ tests within the training platform

  • Required to buy a yearly Pluralsight license including standard course library, paths and skill assessmen

Key features

  • Engaging promotional video

  • 25 multiple choice questions per Skill IQ topic (code, question)

  • Ability to leave feedback if question is incorrectAssessment results displayed in visual graph

Mapping the

Our personas were based off customer interviews where we honed in on finding some of the key issues faced by businesses regarding upskilling and hiring. They were focused around employees who would be taking assessments, and business staff who would be leveraging the tool for key insights. Knowing the audience helped to shape the product strategy and prioritise the features we built.


Creating the content

To help us with the questions, we crowdsourced these from over 100 cyber security professionals and had them validated by some of the industry's leading experts.

For the reporting, we worked with data scientists to help us identify the best ways of presenting the results to support businesses in making the most accurate conclusions around team skill level and areas where training may
be required.

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Designing the

We designed an assessment and admin platform that leveraged key insights, analysis and data which we quickly validated with users and customers through usability testing.

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Validating with personas

We ran multiple rounds of moderated and unmoderated testing throughout the process to validate our designs

Primary objectives

  • Assess the usability of the proposed assessment format

  • Identify any areas of confusion, or if there is anything missing in terms of how we can present the assessment flow to provide a seamless user experience

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Delivering impactful results

Working closely with recruiters to understand their needs, we insured that the data displayed provided the right information in an easy to consume way.

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This feature rich platform was designed to be scalable for various subject matters.

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Potential was designed with multiple device types in mind. Whether it's a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, applicants on the go can easily navigate and complete the required assessments they've been assigned


Magnetic Rock and companies a like have used our platform to prove its value. Knowing what employees internally can be skilled up promotes investing internally and shows where some of your blind spots are. Potential enables confidence in your promoting and hiring decisions.


Research & discovery

Requirements gathering workshop, feature mapping, competitor analysis, stakeholder interviews, product strategy recommendations

Design phase

User flows, low fidelity wireframes, UI design, clickable prototypes, moderated and unmoderated usability testing. Responsive mobile and web designs


React Native application, Testing & QA, responsive mobile and web platform

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