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We enhanced the premium OnDemand experience delivered by SANS and continues to reaffirm them as the most trusted resource for cyber security training, certifications and research globally.


The challenge

SANS Institute is the gold standard of cybersecurity, offering the most trusted training and certification in the world. SANS, however, had no way of engaging its students on the go due to its existing platform only being available via desktop. We wanted to create an experience that would allow students to engage with the course, wherever they may be.


The value

Life is busy and being limited to your desktop confines where students could study. Thinking holistically about how students want to learn, we understood there was an immediate gap that could be filled. A solution that would elevate students learning by giving them the flexibility to study anywhere.


The result

A premium, user focused mobile and tablet app that delivers the learning to the student wherever they may be. With both Android and iOS support, SANS OnDemand app has increased on-the-go student engagement by 89% and received 5 stars in the Appstore.


“Working with Spinning Fox to deliver our product was a prime example of what happens when UX/UI design aligns with product strategy and engineering excellence to deliver business results that truly delight users.”

Jessica Powers
Director of Product at SANS

Our process

In order to ensure SANS was delivering against its high level of expectation, surveys, interviews and focus groups with over 600 SANS students were conducted. The research undertaken showed that 83% of students stated that offline content would be extremely valuable to their learning experience and demonstrated that offline content access is the top request from students in every quantitative touchpoint. Mobile support was consistently the second highest ranking request.

Following this extensive consultation and work with the client and their customers, Spinning Fox delivered the SANS OnDemand app. Students can now dive deeper into their OnDemand course anytime, anywhere on their mobile phone or tablet. 

Offline learning

The app allows the flexibility to download entire course modules and sections for offline access throughout the duration of a course. This gives students the ability to continue learning whilst travelling or in remote locations with little to no internet connection.

Once the student is back online, the course progress syncs between SANS OnDemand Mobile and OnDemand Web, allowing for an easy and seamless transition between offline and online learning.


Increased accessibility

In the interest of building in functionality to support different learning styles and increasing accessibility, students can read the supporting book content whilst also listening to the audio.

We know that students learn in different ways, and this assumption was backed up by our project research. Some students prefer and respond better to auditory learning. We wanted to cater to different learning styles within the OnDemand app, making it more accessible, so audio-only playback was built in. Students can therefore listen to their chosen course and learn whilst driving or carrying out other tasks.


Knowledge retention

Including regular course quizzes as part of the OnDemand content helps to reinforce learning. Students can test their knowledge level and consolidate learning outcomes, thereby monitoring their own progress, anytime and anywhere.

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