Academy management platform

A tool to manage academies & students

Built with a user-centric approach to create, administer, onboard and manage students within
an academy.

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The challenge

Creating academies, onboarding students and sending out important schedule information was very manual and held across multiple systems. This was resulting in a large admin overhead and students potentially missing key information. This provided us with an opportunity to help the client streamline this process, whilst increasing student engagement.

The value

The ability to automate the workflows into a single platform would free up time for the admin, improving how academies were being managed. It would provide the client with a consolidated view of the application process, student onboarding, academy scheduling and student progress through their academy. It would keep students engaged and up to date with information, whilst helping the client focus on the goal of developing and placing students into new job roles.


A tool that allows admins to create academies, add students, and upload scheduling information. Once an academy is live, students can view their academy schedule, access important course material, joining links, and downloadable necessary resources. The platform has been successfully deployed and adopted by admins and students going through an academy.

The team has an unrivalled ability to take an idea and turn it into a tangible product of excellent quality.

Steve Jones
Head of Programmes, EMEA & APAC at SANS Institute


Research & discovery

To gain an in depth understanding of the project and the vision for the new platform, we worked closely with the client to map out the process for how academies were currently being set up and managed. Our aim was to understand the different personas along the process and any pain points they were currently experiencing.

Our research showed us that there were a lot of back end offline processes. The admin team were working across multiple systems which was time consuming and left room for error. For example, they were creating PDFs for academy schedules and manually entering student exam scores into excel spreadsheets. Students were receiving important onboarding and academy schedule information via a series of emails which meant important information could be missed.

Feature mapping

With an understanding of the users and requirements, we ran a feature mapping workshop to understand the scope of work that could be delivered in the 2 month timeframe before the next academy launch. Our aim was to ensure the project scope could meet the timeline whilst adding the right amount of value to users. We determined which features were crucial and which would be worth saving for post launch.

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Platform flows

We defined user flows through the platform for the personas, working closely with the client to ensure the workflow was intuitive and aligned with their mental model for managing academies. We focused on streamlining the number steps to create academies, add students, and send out scheduled events.

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Design phase

Ensuring alignment with key stakeholders, we translated this into low fidelity wireframes. We explored options that leveraged existing design patterns for adding events to schedules, and how this information could be best presented back to students.

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Admin platform

We set out to make the admin panel intuitive and
structured the functionality around the administrators core needs. Keeping the user interface clean and simple, we used colour only where necessary to attract attention. We created clickable prototypes to present back to the client to ensure every aspect of the product performed the correct function as expected.


Student platform

Rather than students receiving a series of emails where key information could be missed. We created a portal that students could sign into and view all details regarding their academy.

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  • Streamlined the admin process for setting up and managing academies

  • Providing students with a tool that supports their learning experience, and giving them the opportunity to find future employment.





Design system

Tightly integrated with the clients workflow, we built out a scalable component library based on the design system. We delivered a strong foundation with scaleability in mind for the client to use for years to come.

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Research & discovery

Requirements Gathering Workshop, Feature Mapping, Product Strategy Recommendations

Design phase

User flows, Low Fidelity Wireframes, UI design, Clickable Prototypes


React Native application, Testing & QA, responsive mobile and web platform

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